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Our Philosophy


Nature’s Wonder will be a caring and nurturing community where experiences provide a grounding for releasing all our potential


A provider of quality early childhood education in Taranaki through respectful relationships, and engagement with nature, for the soul to grow


“No Significant Learning Can Occur Without a Significant Relationship”

At Nature’s Wonder we are committed to growing respectful and loving relationships and acknowledge children are valued members of society with rights. The partnership we build with all children, family and whanau are the most important part of our work.

“Let Nature be the Third Teacher”

All our children will have experiences in nature allowing time for uninterrupted play and to explore the beauty of nature.

When we feel safe, we can take risks, ask questions, make mistakes, learn to trust, share our feelings and grow. When the benefit outweighs the risk, then do it!

“Surrounded in Beauty, the Soul Grows”

At Nature’s Wonder we believe that for the soul to grow it requires thought provoking, inviting spaces and order. By providing authentic resources, materials and tools we give children experiences that are meaningful.

The environment is ever-evolving in response to learning and active exploration.

Adults and children take responsibility for the environment and our place in it.

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